Monday, February 19, 2018


"Doing Business As"  Target Builders since June 16, 1994. 

After six years on the building materials "sales" side of the construction industry,  I decided to start my own business on the "manufacturing" side.  This also included the designing and drafting of blueprints for each project.  After I have designed and "built" each project on paper,  I have local architects review and stamp the plans.  
  Most of my projects have been within fifteen miles of beautiful downtown Watkins Glen.  But on occasion I have traveled as far as:  Romulus, to the North;  Campbell, to the West;  Elmira to the South;  and Cayuga heights to the East. 
  My projects have ranged from just a bathroom remodel all the way up to a 4,200 square foot custom home.  For the most part over the last ten years I have built one custom home after another or have done total remodels of entire homes.  The length of time on these larger projects has ranged from 4 to 14 months.  I hire sub-contractors as little as possible to keep cost down and quality up.  
  My wife, Sue,  works at Builders Best Design Center in Ithaca and supplies me with most of my building materials, so I have a definite advantage with pricing and customer service on the many "stock" and "special" orders I place on each project.  She often has appointments with my clients at her showroom to go over the many details needed to insure that they make an informed decision and we place an accurate order for materials.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.  Darrin